Easter traditions around the world

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Painted Easter eggsGetty Images

There are lots of ways people celebrate Easter around the world that are different from how we mark it in the UK.

We've been taking a look at a few of them.


In the Greek island of Corfu, old pots are thrown out of the windows on to the streets as an Easter Saturday morning tradition. It's thought the tradition was copied from the people of Venice, in Italy, who throw out their possessions.

Clay pots being thrown in Corfu.Getty Images
Watch out!


In Ukraine, people throw water over each other on Easter Monday. It's known as Wet Monday and happens in other countries like Poland too. It's a tradition is connected with the baptism of a Polish prince hundreds of years ago.

People throwing water on each other.Getty Images
People throw buckets or bottles of water as part of the tradition


In a small town in the south of France people gather every Easter Monday to share a massive... omelette! Around 15,000 eggs are used and it's big enough to feed thousands of people. Legend has it that the French Emperor Napoléon Bonaparte liked an omelette he'd eaten there and wanted a huge one made for him and his army. From that a tradition was born.

Giant omelette being cooked.Getty Images
Anyone for an omelette? There's plenty to go around!


Going beyond Europe, at the White House in America where the country's president lives, an annual Easter egg roll is held on the lawn. The tradition dates back to 1878 when President Rutherford B Hayes ran the country. It's held on Easter Monday and it's usually the president's wife, known as the First Lady, who is in charge of the event.

Donald Trump and Melania Trump during the White House Easter Egg Roll in 2018.Getty Images
These kids are rolling eggs with wooden spoons during the White House's Easter Egg Roll

Northern Europe

In parts of Scandinavia children dress up, a bit like Halloween, and ask for chocolates and treats out on the streets. They may wear head scarves, make up and carry twigs with feathers as part of the tradition.

Girl dressed up for Easter in Finland.Getty Images
This might look like Halloween in the UK, but it's Easter in Finland.