Samsung's folding phone, and other top tech launch flops

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Samsung's folding phone was shown off for the first time earlier this yearSamsung
Samsung's folding phone was shown off for the first time earlier this year

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is the first folding phone to be released by a major tech company - however, it's been getting some pretty mixed reviews online.

Top tech reviewers were sent an 'early production' model of the folding phone - this means it's not the finished phone that we'll be able to buy on the shelves.

A couple of reviewers including YouTuber Marques Brownlee said they'd had issues with the screen flickering, crashing, breaking and bulging.

Some of these issues could be because reviewers attempted to peel off a thin layer of plastic, which they thought was a screen protector, but it was in fact part of the screen.

A spokesperson from Samsung has said: "We have received a few reports regarding the main display on the samples provided. We will thoroughly inspect these units in person to determine the cause of the matter,"

"Galaxy Fold is manufactured with a special protective layer. It is not a screen protector - do not attempt to remove it."

Technology reporter Mark Gurnman also had issues with the screen.

As this is the first folding phone to be released by a major company, many people are nervous that if it fails to be successful it will put people off buying folding phones in the future - especially as it will sell for a high price of $1980 - around £1,500!

Here are some other top tech products, that have had pretty rocky launches...

HoverboardNational Trading Standards
Millions of hoverboards had to be recalled over health and safety fears.


The self-balancing scooters became popular around 2015.

However, towards the end of the year, many people were reporting issues with them catching fire, exploding and breaking.

By 2016 around half of them had been recalled, and it was discovered that there was an issue with the lithium-ion batteries overheating.

Going forward big toy stores who sold hoverboards had to guarantee they met special health and safety standards.

Galaxy Note 7 phoneGetty Images
The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 became a big health and safety problem.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung became famous in 2016 when they released the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 - but not for the best reasons...

Soon after they were released people started reporting problems that the phones were exploding and catching fire.

Samsung took these reports seriously and recalled and replaced 2.5 million of them.

However, a month later it seemed that the issues were still there, even with the replacement phones!

Samsung issued a worldwide statement asking users to stop using the phones, and they were discontinued in October 2016.

woman demonstrates Google GlassGareth Fuller
Google Glass had a lot of issues with privacy

Google Glass

Google's attempt at wearable tech sent ripples of excitement across the world in 2013.

However, although it was revolutionary at the time, the high pricetag (around $1000) and issues with people being recorded against their will, caused the popularity of the device to plummet.

In 2015 Google announced they would stop making the smart glasses.

Nintendo Virtual BoyEvan Amos
Gamers complained that Virtual Boy made them feel a bit sick

Nintendo's Virtual Boy

Nintendo might be at the top of the console charts these days, but back in 1995 Nintendo weren't quite as successful...

In 1995 Nintedo released the Virtual Boy - a tabletop virtual reality headset.

However, the clunky headset never took off and was discontinued a year later.

Low-resolution graphics in black and red, eye-strain issues and an awkward setup meant sales were really low.

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