Rank the prank: Which of these pranks is the funniest?

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Plug socket prank in Dublin Airport (Twitter/@JackTomHogan)

When you're travelling it's almost inevitable that, at some point you'll end up frantically darting around the airport looking for a plug socket.

But these unlucky travellers at Dublin Airport got a surprise when they found out these power outlets were actually just stickers, stuck onto the walls by a prankster.

Lots of people fell for it, which probably shouldn't be all that surprising given how realistic it looks as a 2D image. Watch the video to see what happened!

There was certainly some top trolling going on in this case, but how does it compare to other pranks you've seen or heard about?

Check out these pranks and use the arrow at the left hand side to let us know which one you think should come out on top.

If you seen an even better prank than these ones, let us know in the comments below.

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  • Comment number 10. Posted by U17643139

    8 hours ago
    Now those are pranks.
  • Comment number 9. Posted by U17639375

    18 Apr 2019 8:34
    Ha Ha Ha!
    This is hilarious!
    My favourite is 'The school renamed 'Hell on Earth".
  • Comment number 8. Posted by U17246681

    16 Apr 2019 19:38
    hahahahahahaha. I love the google maps one
  • Comment number 7. Posted by U17133673

    16 Apr 2019 18:33
    My favourite is the google maps prank😂
  • Comment number 6. Posted by BrownieQueen

    16 Apr 2019 17:35
    I hate pranks.
  • Comment number 5. Posted by violetrosemermaid

    16 Apr 2019 15:32
    I like the Google maps one haha
  • Comment number 4. Posted by U17433506

    16 Apr 2019 10:14
    Ha! The tube one was so funny!
  • Comment number 3. Posted by GreenCarrotPenguin

    16 Apr 2019 9:51
    There is a typo on the caption on the first video (the plug socket one) - it says "plus" when it should be "plugs".

  • Comment number 2. Posted by GreenCarrotPenguin

    16 Apr 2019 9:39
    Ha ha! So funny! (especially the funny zoo facts)

  • Comment number 1. Posted by U17521753

    16 Apr 2019 7:38
    All the pranks sound very funny