Beckham 'speaks' nine languages to fight malaria

Footy legend David Beckham wants to spread an important message about the disease malaria and he's 'learnt' lots of languages to do that.

Malaria's caused by a parasite spread by a particular type of mosquito - the Anopheles - which bites at night-time. It's a huge problem in countries across Asia, Africa and South America.

To help in the fight against the disease Beckham's recorded a message in nine different languages but he actually hasn't had to learn them all himself...

In fact, his team used special computer technology to make his face look like he's speaking in different languages, and then used the voices of other people.

This technology can be used for special effects in movies and in the future could be used to translate films and television shows into any language you want.

Sameena's been finding out how it was all made possible...

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