Should women's football games be held at big clubs' stadiums?

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Big football clubs should "throw open" their stadiums for women's games.

That's what the manager of the England women's team wants.

Phil Neville thinks clubs such as Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal should host women's matches at their stadiums.

When the Lionesses play Canada on Friday for a World Cup warm-up, that will be at Manchester City's Academy Stadium rather than the Etihad stadium.

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The comments come after the number of people going to women's games across Europe has gone up, including a recent record breaking attendance in Spain.

Phil said: "Looking at the attendances in our league [on Sunday], I actually think that's better than the one-off games in Spain or Italy.

"What I would say is that some of the big teams in England now have got to open their big stadiums and fill it. I think our game in this country is at a far better place than what it is in Spain and Italy.

"I think now, if (second-tier leaders) Man United win the league, or [top-flight leaders] Arsenal - throw open your stadium, open it up. Champions League game for Chelsea - why not play it at Stamford Bridge? Get 30 or 40,000."

What do you think? Do you agree that big clubs should host women's games at their stadiums? Let us know in the comments below.

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