Emoji challenge: Send us pics of you recreating emojis

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Composite image showing woman blowing her noseTWITTER / IAMJEYONCE

Most of us love adding a few emojis into our messages - but a new internet challenge has seen people going all out to recreate them in real life.

It took off this week after a group of friends shared their efforts in a group chat, and one of them decided to share the hilarious results online.

Jeydah Weydah who lives in the United States, tweeted a screen recording showing her and her friends recreating their favourite emojis using nothing but their faces (and a few well-placed props).

Here are some of the recreated emojisTWITTER / IAMJEYONCE
Here are some of the recreated emojisTWITTER / IAMJEYONCE

It didn't take long for the internet world to decide they wanted to get involved too, and with that the 'emoji challenge', as it's being called, officially became 'a thing'.

Which emoji would you recreate in real life? You can send us your efforts using the uploader.

Are you ready to send your stuff?

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the rules.

Remember though, don't try anything dangerous or that might cause you an injury.

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