Great British Bake Off judge Prue Leith wants to ban packed lunches

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Prue Leith wants to stop unhealthy snacks in schools

Would you be able to say goodbye to a chocolate bar, packet of crisps, or fizzy drink in your lunchbox?

Well, that's what Great British Bake Off judge Prue Leith is calling for. She wants a ban on school packed lunches.

She thinks pupils and staff should eat the same school dinner and that lunchtime should become a lesson.

But why? Well, Ms Leith wants to tackle the UK's obesity crisis and thinks schools should be responsible for providing healthy food.

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Prue Leith is a co-judge on The Great British Bake Off

Speaking at a food event in Scotland, Ms Leith said packed lunches brought from home should be banned "with immediate effect" and wants unhealthy snacks to be avoided.

She believes this will help teach children about healthy foods and make sure they have an appetite by lunchtime.

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Prue wants students and teachers to sit down together in the dining hall and eat the same thing

In the lunchtime lesson, Ms Leith thinks there should be no choice and that every child should eat the same thing - unless they had special dietary requirements.

She also called for phones to be banned during lunchtime.

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