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World Down's Syndrome Day 2019 in pictures

People all around the world yesterday were wearing colourful, mismatched socks, but it wasn't because they couldn't find a matching pair! Yesterday was World Down's Syndrome Day and the #LotsOfSocks campaign helps to raise awareness for the condition.
Everton forward Theo Walcott showed his support for World Down's Syndrome Day 2019 (WDSD) by posting a picture on social media showing him with his brightly coloured, mismatched socks. "Chilling with the family in my #LotsOfSocks to support #WorldDownSyndromeDay," he said.
Screengrab of Theo Walcott's WDSD post.Instagram/theowalcott
And he wasn't the only footballer getting involved. These feet belong to a certain Lionel Messi. He posted this picture on Instagram and nominated Luis Suarez, Sergio Aguero and his wife Antonella to get involved in the campaign.
Lionel Messi's feetInstagram/Lionel Messi
Do you remember Andrew from the latest series of The Greatest Dancer? Well, he was getting involved too and posted a video on social media of him with his mismatched, colourful socks.
Screengrab of Twitter post from Andrew's account.Twitter/andrewdancer97
Rosie's dad Tom shared this picture on social media of his daughter from Cheshire heading off to school in her bright socks. He told Newsround: "Rosie and her whole school joined in the celebrations by wearing lots of socks, helping to raise positive awareness of Down's syndrome by promoting inclusion for all. There was a special assembly too. It was wonderful seeing all the children walking to school in lots of different coloured socks for Rosie!"
Rosie in her socks.Twitter/@FuturesRosie
Another school which had a special assembly to mark the day was this one, where Edward spoke to everyone all about what it is like to live with Down's syndrome. You can see Edward and his teachers are proudly wearing their bright socks too. Nice one, Edward!
Edward and his school following his assembly.Twitter
Stars of the screen have been getting behind the awareness day as well. In this picture, CBBC show The Dumping Ground actor Ruben is seen proudly showing off his #LotsOfSocks involvement this year!
Ruben from The Dumping GroundKim Reuter
And here we have the stars of Doctor Who showing their support for World Down's Syndrome Day too.
Doctor Who cast in their colourful socks.Pictures provided to Shabang Theatre
How great do members of the CBS Bluefins Swim club look here?! Coach Robyn took the picture of the swimmers in their colourful socks and swimwear, which was captioned "what makes you different is what makes you beautiful".
CBS Bluefins Swim club in their colourful socks.Robyn Smith-Andrews
Actor Stephen McGann proudly announced he would be getting involved. He posted this picture on social media saying: "Morning! Today I will be rocking these little beauties as part of the #LotsOfSocks campaign to celebrate #WorldDownSyndromeDay. Downs people - my brother-in-law, my co-stars - have made my life so much more than ordinary. Different is GOOD! ❤️❤️❤️"
Picture posted by Stephen McGann on Twitter.Twitter/@StephenMcGann
Theo and Lionel weren't the only footballers getting involved in raising awareness. Exeter City FC shared a video of the team's players training in odd socks on Thursday to support WDSD too.
Screengrab of Exeter City FC tweet.Twitter/@OfficialECFC
It wasn't all about socks, though. There was a special gathering outside the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland to mark the awareness day. In this picture, we can see violinist Pearl Luethy who performed at the event.
Pearl Luethy playing the violin.Reuters
Alys was photographed wearing a T-shirt that says: 'Keep calm - it's only an extra chromosome!' This is because an extra chromosome in a person's genes is what causes Down's syndrome (you can read more about this in the guide at the bottom of this page). Alys's mum told Newsround: "She wore her badge with pride and showed off her odd socks to everyone who commented on them. Alys is a very determined girl, who thrives off attention and encouragement. We need to stop focusing on what she can't do and focus on what she CAN do!"
Alys wearing a T-shirt in support of WDSD.Victoria Davis
Egerton Primary School made this fantastic formation to raise awareness. Head teacher Ms Hooper told Newsround: "Everyone in Egerton came to school dressed in yellow and blue, with odd socks. In the afternoon, we gathered on the school field to make a giant 21 to mark WDSD. We've been learning about how Down's syndrome is caused by an extra chromosome on chromosome 21 so we thought this was a fun way to raise awareness of the condition! We tweeted an aerial photo and received global support including from Mark Jones, the creator of WDSD."
School creating a 21 shape on school playing fields.Daniel Barker