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Holi 2019: Hindus around the world celebrate the colourful festival

People around the world are celebrating the Indian Festival of Holi in March.
The Hindu festival of Holi is celebrated this month. It originally started in India but is now celebrated all over the world
Indian Hindu's covered in coloured powder dance as they celebrate Holi,NOEMI CASSANELLI
People throw coloured powder over each in the colourful celebrations. The festival celebrates the end of winter and the start of Spring. These guys seem to be enjoying it!
People celebrate Holi, the spring festival of colours, during a gathering at a temple in Uttar Pradesh state in IndiaNOEMI CASSANELLI
On the night before Holi, Hindus dress in their best clothes and watch a bonfire. The next morning, people put on old clothes and cover each other with coloured powders.
Hindu's are seen playing with colourful powders at the Radharani Temple of Nandgaon,SOPA Images
This mum and son enjoy getting messy during Holi celebrations in California in the US. It’s the one day of the year that parents encourage their children to get filthy!
Kavitaand her son Rishab blow colours during a Holi celebration in CaliforniaGetty Images