Floods batter the UK after heavy rainfall

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Floods have battered the UK after heavy rainfall

Have you managed to get out of the house this weekend? If you did, you probably needed your wellies.

With flood warnings across many parts of England and Wales, it's definitely the kind of weekend to stay indoors.

Car submerged in YorkGetty Images
In York, water from the River Ouse spilled over the banks and submerged this car on Sunday

On Saturday one area in Wales saw a month's rain in 24 hours. In northern England travel was disrupted in with train lines and roads flooded.

What have you been getting up to this weekend while the weather's been wet? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this page, or send us your photos and videos here!

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The BBC weather team have been sent some amazing photos of the flooding.

Flooded playgroundBBC UGC
Check out this flooded playground in Otley in Leeds.

Definitely not a weekend for a trip to the swings!

Flooded playgroundBBC UGC
In Pateley Bridge in North Yorkshire this park was also under water.

The weather conditions are expected to ease on Sunday, and the Met Office is forecasting a dry and sunny start to the week.

What have you been doing this rainy weekend? Let us know in the comments below.

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