Giant, weird and cheesy Easter eggs

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A giant easter egg.PA

Check out this Easter egg, it weighs 38kg, is four centimetres thick and 2.5ft tall - that's the equivalent of 844 standard chocolate bars standing on top of each other!

The egg which will be on display at Cadbury World this Easter, took two days to create and was made by Chocolatiers Gail Deeley and Sian Patterson.

The design features a collection of toadstools, fairy wings and a door leading into a tree with melted white chocolate.

A giant Easter egg.PA
The Easter egg was made by Chocolatiers Gail Deeley and Sian Patterson and took two days to make
The Easter Egg made out of cheese
cheese egg.Sainsbury's

There's a twist on the traditional Easter egg this year with the 'Cheester' egg hitting supermarket shelves.

The 'Cheester' egg is an Easter egg made completely from cheese!

You can buy the 100% cheddar eggs at Sainsbury's supermarkets. Last year Asda stocked similar eggs.

But is the 'Cheester' egg the most unusual egg around? Let's have a look at some of the contenders.

Ostrich's egg
Hotel Chocolat.Hotel Chocolat

If a cheese Easter egg all sounds like a bit of a 'yolk', chocolate company Hotel Chocolat has you covered.

It has made an Easter egg the size of an Ostrich's egg.

That's over a kilogram of chocolate!

Giant chocolate egg
Giant Easter egg

Think that's a lot of chocolate? Check out the largest Easter egg ever made.

In 2015, Bariloche in Argentina 'shellebrated' Easter with an egg that was 8,000kg of chocolate and 8.5m high.

That's around the height of two double decker buses!

Fabergé egg
faberge egg.Getty Images

An egg you wouldn't want to crack is a Fabergé egg.

These 'egg-stra' special eggs were made for Russian royalty over 100 years ago and there are only 57 left in the world today.

If you get hold of one, don't lose it whatever you do. The eggs are worth millions of pounds.

Egg Statue
big egg statue.Getty Images

The largest egg statue in the world is the Vegreville egg in Alberta, Canada.

The egg is 31 feet long and weighs a whopping 2.5 tonnes.

It'll be hard to beat that egg!

Designer cutlery holder
designer egg.Karl Lagerfeld

An egg that helps you eat your eggs…'egg-scuse' me?

Designer label Karl Lagerfeld created a stainless steel egg that comes with a cutlery set in the middle of it.

It'll cost you a whopping £2,500. That's the same price as around 5,000 traditional creme eggs!

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