UK weather: Wind and snow across the country

Last updated at 11:54
Tree fallen across a road.Getty Images
The wind caused trees to fall blocking roads and pathways

It's been a very windy weekend across the UK causing trees to fall, travel problems and damage to buildings.

Hundreds of homes were left without power after parts of Wales were hit by wind and snow.

The snow caused travel problems across parts of Scotland too.

The Met Office, who monitor the weather across the UK, said Sunday had a top gust speed of 70 mph, which was recorded on the Isle of Portland, on the south coast of England.

Winds in London blow at a Chelsea FC scarf stand.Getty Images

London had a lot of windy weather, but the big football matches continued, with this scarf stall still pitching out and braving the winds!

Dog in windy weatherGetty Images

And it's not just humans that are affected - the Sunday walk for this dog was a bit blustery.

TescoAlastair Moores

Strong winds damaged some shops and buildings. Part of the roof was blown off from this supermarket in Kent.

Waves in Brighton on the south coast.Getty Images

Along the coast the wind caused big waves too. This was a picture taken in Brighton on the south coast of England.