Jamie Oliver: Dyslexia hasn't held me back

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Jamie Oliver: Dyslexia hasn't held me back

Britain's second most popular author, Jamie Oliver, has said his dyslexia can be an inspiration to kids who are struggling at school.

In an interview with vlogger and CBBC star Nikki Lily, the world-famous chef said: "I did really badly at school with dyslexia, and to be honest I still struggle with it a bit today. I've had to learn little skills to get away with it.

"I only read two narrative books and that was a struggle. But luckily I had cooking - and that saved me. Every kid just wants a pat on the back, and a well done,

"I came out of school with an A in Art and a C in Geology, and everything else was pretty much ungraded.

"But now I'm the second biggest author in Britain. I think I can be an inspiration to kids who are having a rough time at school."

Oliver, who has campaigned to introduce schoolchildren to healthier foods, was speaking as part of the Nikki Lilly Meets... series where she meets influential people in Britain including Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn and Gary Lineker.

You can watch the full interview on the BBC iPlayer now.

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