Storm Freya: What has happened and is it over now?

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Waves crashing against a harbour as result of Storm Freya.Getty Images

A massive storm hit the UK over weekend.

Winds caused by Storm Freya reached 76mph in some areas, and the Met Office issued a severe warning, which is also called a yellow warning.

Strong gusts caused trees to fall and debris to be swept up into the air.

Roads in some areas have been closed, and people's homes were left without power after flooding in certain areas.

The storm worked its way up to northern England after strong winds in the south-west of England and south Wales, and snow warnings were issued for southern Scotland.

Winds are reported to have eased in most places on Monday morning, and the weather warnings have now been removed. Despite the storm calming down, forecasters aren't expecting the record breaking high temperatures from February to return.

What is a yellow weather warning?
Storm Erik.Getty Images

A yellow weather warning means the weather is likely to have some impact, for example travel disruption.

Lots of people will be able to carry on as normal but others will be directly affected.

People are advised to keep an eye out for the latest forecast to work out how much they might be impacted.

In most cases, Met Office will put out specific advice or issues to watch out for as part of their weather warnings.

Read more about weather warnings by clicking here.

Why do storms have names?
Satellite map from NasaNASA
A storm as seen from space

The Met Office decided to start giving storms boys and girls names back in 2014, in the same way they do in America.

The first windstorm to be named was Abigail on 10 November 2015.

The Met Office hoped that naming big storms will make people more aware of them and how dangerous they can be.

They think it will be easier to follow the progress of a storm on the TV, radio, or on social media, if it has a name.

Derrick Ryall, from the Met Office, said: "We have seen how naming storms elsewhere in the world raises awareness of severe weather before it strikes."

For more detailed information on why storms have names, click here.


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  • Comment number 32. Posted by U17246681

    13 Mar 2019 17:45
    What’s worse storm Freya or storm Gareth
  • Comment number 31. Posted by U17528104

    11 Mar 2019 13:39
    it's been super windy in my area of the country (Hertfordshire) and I caught a fever because of it :( , but it has been getting better!
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    5 Mar 2019 19:23
    Sorry For Breaking The rules. :(

    I didn`t mean it.
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    4 Mar 2019 19:08

    It has been really windy and rainy next to me.☹️
    Like if the same has been going on with you!
    Luckily it has been a bit better the last few hours!
    Hopefully it will get better soon, Fingers Crossed 🤞
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    4 Mar 2019 17:49
    It wasnt that bad!?
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    i hope you stay safe
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    3 Mar 2019 19:49
    it was crazy. Even just walking made tilt side to side
  • Comment number 23. Posted by U17523460

    3 Mar 2019 17:47
    I'm in the south West. It is very windy and it is tipping it down with rain☹️
    A good excuse to watch cbbc tho