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Sony World Photography Award winners: These photos will blow your mind!

They all won prizes at the Sony World Photography Awards 2019, and it's not difficult to see why!
Svein Nordrum took 1st place for Norway in National Awards, Landscape category.
Image shows an aerial shot of a frozen lake surrounded by fir treesWorld Photography Organisation
"We should never stop following our dreams, fighting for our ideals and protecting our visions which are all symbolised by the animals captured in this series Dreamers and Warriors." - Martin Stranka, Winner of the Creative category.
Image shows person in spacesuit surrounded by birdsWorld Photography Organisation
Hardijanto Budyman was the National Awards winner for Indonesia.
Image shows model dressed in white holding up two fish against her eyesWorld Photography Organisation
"Whilst on a trip to Shetland, the biggest thing I wanted to do was photograph the gannets as they feed underwater. To be able to capture what goes on under the water was an unbelievable experience and one I will never forget." - Tracey Lund, Winner of the Natural World & Wildlife category.
Image shows a bird swimming in waterWorld Photography Organisation
Inger Rønnenfelt was named the National Award winner for Denmark.
Image shows a giraffe against a black backdropWorld Photography Organisation
This photo was taken over the sea salt mines near Bourgas, Bulgaria, and show people doing healing baths in a pool of sea lye. It secured Yavor Michev the National Award for Bulgaria.
Image shows pink swimming pool from way up highWorld Photography Organisation
Paul Franzchel De Mesa was the National Award winner for the Philippines.
Images shows a pontoon under a starry skyWorld Photography Organisation
Jasper Lefevre's shot secured him 1st place in National Award for Belgium, but it was far from just a lucky snap. He said:"We took every light we had with us to try and light up the forest around the gorge. It was shot at Walchenklamm, Germany when it was raining in the middle of the night."
Image shows canoeist in water in darkWorld Photography Organisation
Juan Camilo Arias took the prize in the National category for Colombia.
Image shows two dogs sitting on the sofaWorld Photography Organisation
"Although the peony is beautiful, it depends entirely on help from the green leaves. However brilliant you may be, you can't do anything without support from others. I hope this piece can remind everyone 'Don't just take, give!" - Rachel Yee Lam Lai Winner of the Still Life category.
Image shows a speckled pattern on a white backgroundNational Photography Organisation
Kwan Wai Pang took third place at the National Awards for Hong Kong.
Image shows wooden dragons lit with sparks and fireWorld Photography Organisation
This shot is appropriately called "Dance in the subway of Santiago de Chile", and was taken by Maria Paz Morales, who took 1st Place for the National Awards for Chile.
Image shows woman do splits in the air at railway stationWorld Photography Organisation
Min Min Zaw took 2nd Place in the National Awards for Myanmar
Image shows people and boats on a riverWorld Photography Organisation
Kyaw Win Hlaing secured 1st place for Myanmar in the National Awards category. This picture was taken near Taunggyi city, the northern Shan State, in Myanmar, and shows the performance of the Gingala (Bird Dance). The dance is performed in the festivals or on important occasions.
Image shows trees with figures shown in sunlightWorld Photography Organisation