13-year-old fashion designer makes dresses worth £100,000

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Watch: 13-year old fashion designer makes dresses worth £100,000. Pictures from BBC Minute

Meet Josh. He is a fashion designer and he's making dresses worth a cool £100,000.

At 13 years old, he's just about the youngest person to exhibit during the famous London Fashion Week - and he's on a mission.

Josh has set his sights on becoming the next top fashion designer of the 21st Century.

So what's life like as a fashion designer? Check out the video courtesy of BBC MINUTE.

'It's pretty top secret'

Josh doesn't mess about when it comes to ambition and he's aiming for the very top of the fashion industry.

"My biggest ambition is to be as big as Alexander McQueen and Chanel - I've always been interested in fashion."

It's pretty top secret but it's going to be the world's most expensive dress by a 13 year-old!

Josh, 13-year-old fashion designer

He says his mum's wardrobe is actually where it all started. "I was always really interested in all the textures and fabrics... and I'd just take them out and sketch them."

Josh at London Fashion WeekDesigned by Josh
Josh takes to the runway with a model showing off his collection at London Fashion Week

At the moment, Josh is working on his collection. "It's pretty top secret but it's going to be the world's most expensive dress by a 13-year-old!"

What's his biggest highlight so far?

"My biggest highlight has got to be my big show during London Fashion Week. I got a standing ovation."

"It's really scary! There's lights, people looking at you."

He says it can be tough juggling school life with being a fashion designer, but is mindful of his responsibilities. "You can't let your school grades fail!"

That's right, Josh! The young teen is certainly taking the fashion world by storm. You'll just have to watch this space for that £100,000 dress.


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