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Stunning photos of the ancient insects caught in amber

An artist has photographed insects that were trapped in amber millions of years ago and the results are beautiful.
How's this for an art project? Photographs of insects that are 45 million years old! The critters were caught in tree sap which hardened, leaving them perfectly preserved. The hardened tree sap is called amber.
Park winged fungus gnat trapped in amberLevon Biss
Artist Levon Biss took hundreds of detailed photos of each piece of amber and then stitched them together to form each of the final pictures.
Wedge shaped beetle trapped in amberLevon Biss
It's hard to believe that each insect was in fact less than 3mm in length!
Ant trapped in amberLevon Biss
Levon suspended each piece of amber in a special fluid to allow him to have absolute control of the lighting conditions for his photographs.
Click beetle trapped in amberLevon Biss
He says that he sculpts the light around the insect to create these highly detailed and clear images.
lace bug trapped in amberLevon Biss
All the insects in this series were found in the Baltic region of Northern Europe.
Spider beetle trapped in amberLevon Biss
London-born photographer Levon calls these artworks "microsculpture" and exhibits his artwork in museums around the world. Have you ever seen an insect look so stunning?!
Fungus gnat trapped in amberLevon Biss