Rare 'extinct' Galápagos tortoise found after 100 years

Last updated at 15:38
Rare giant tortoise.RODRIGO BUENDIA/GETTY

We've all misplaced things and struggled to find them, but imagine losing track of an entire species of giant tortoise for over 100 years!

Well, that's exactly what's happened.

The Fernandina Giant Tortoise was thought to be extinct for over a century, but one was recently discovered on the Galápagos Islands, which is famous for Charles' Darwin's work around evolution.

Although nobody had seen one of the tortoises since 1906, they did have some clues to suggest the species could still be alive, including footprints and tortoise poo!


Researchers believe that their environment could be one of the reasons for the species being under threat, with dangerous lava being present on the volcanic island.

The tortoise has been taken to a breeding centre on a different island for health checks and for some genetic testing. It's hoped that more of these giant tortoises can be found on the island.

Do you think you could find a hiding giant tortoise? Have a look…


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