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Donald Trump, Kim Jong-un: Famous haircuts that have made history

A barber shop in Hanoi, Vietnam is offering free haircuts in the style of US President Donald Trump and North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un ahead of their meeting this week.
A Hanoi barber - pictured here - is offering free Trump and Kim Jong-un haircuts in honour of the leaders meeting on 27 and 28 February. It will be the second time the two have come together, after they made history by meeting in June 2018. That was the first time that a serving US president had ever met with North Korea's leader. The barbershop is offering haircuts as both world leaders are well known for their unique hairstyles.
The Hanoi barber offering free haircuts in the style of US president Donald Trump and North Korean Kim Jong-un.Reuters
On the left here, Le Phuc Hai, 66, is posing with his new Donald Trump hair, dyed at the barbers in question. Mr Trump, pictured right, is known for his sweeping blonde hair. In August 2015, he hit back at accusations that he wore a fake hair piece called a toupee to cover a bald area on his head. "I don't wear a toupee!" he said. "It's my hair, I swear!" He also said that he uses hairspray to keep his famous do in place.
Le Phuc Hai with his new Donald Trump-styled hair, alongside a picture of Donald Trump.Reuters
Meanwhile, Gia Huy (on the left), 9, had his hair cut in the style of the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, pictured on the right. In March 2014, a report in Radio Free Asia suggested that male university students in North Korea were being required to get the same haircut as their leader, although it was also reported elsewhere that visitors to the capital Pyongyang didn't notice a change in styles. One person told Radio Free Asia: "Our leader's haircut is very particular, if you will. It doesn't always go with everyone since everyone has different face and head shapes."
Gia Huy, 9, has a haircut in a North Korean leader Kim Jong-un style, alongside a photo of Kim Jong-un.Reuters; AFP/Getty Images
They may now be famous for their immaculate fashion sense, but when we look back at Victoria and David Beckham around the time that they met they are hardly recognisable - and sported some far more off-piste looks! They were known for coordinating their outfits and styles, as we can see here with their his-and-hers matching short hair. This photo was taken in 1999, just a couple of years after they first met.
Victoria and David Beckham in 1999.Getty Images
Hollywood superstar Marilyn Monroe - whose real name was Norma Jean Mortenson - was an American actress, model and singer, who was almost as well known for her iconic blonde hair as she was for her timeless films. She appeared in countless famous photographs and was even the inspiration for many works of art - for example, numerous prints by the pop art pioneer Andy Warhol.
Marilyn Monroe.PA
Similarly, the Beatles - one the most famous pop groups of all time - were well known for their 'mop top' haircuts, in addition to their multiple chart topping songs. In Feburary 2016, a piece of John Lennon's hair, which had been cut off in preparation for a film, sold to a UK collector for $35,000 (£24,298). So it's fair to say their hair was valuable stuff!
The Beatles.
When you're thinking of famous long hair, it's hard not to think of Diana Ross - pictured here in 1987 - who is best known as the the lead singer of the 1960s group The Supremes. They had a string of number one hits from 1965 to 1969, before Diana went solo - and scored even more chart toppers. She even wrote a children's book called When You Dream, which had an accompanying soundtrack.
Diana Ross.Getty Images
This headshot from 1967 of supermodel Twiggy shows off the short, edgy hairstyle that was one of the reasons she became such an iconic face of the 1960s. At the time, the short do with a side parting and long fringe swept to one side was an incredibly modern look. Coupled with her painted-on eyelashes, it sealed her place in the history books of the fashion world.
Twiggy.Getty Images
Fast forward to 2009 and there's something about Twiggy's hairstyle seen in a young Justin Bieber, don't you think? This picture was taken on a red carpet in Toronto not long after the Baby singer had been talent-spotted singing in videos on YouTube and signed to a record label. His look may be very different and more edgy now, but we will never forget when Biebs first stepped out as a fresh-faced 13-year-old.
Justin Bieber in 2009.Getty Images
One person who has never blended into the crowd is supermodel, singer and actress Grace Jones, pictured here in 2010. When she moved to New York as a young girl and went to college, she started some acting and a bit of modelling. She went through a rebellious phase and shaved off her afro hair. Then, in 1966, Grace moved to Paris. "The short hair was my look and Paris loved it," she told the Telegraph in an interview in 2017. "I looked natural and unnatural at the same time."
Grace Jones.Getty Images
If you ask any adult what they remember about king of cool Elvis Presley, the two answers that you're likely to hear (aside from his music, of course) are his hips and his hair. From the slick do of his earlier years to a more dramatic bouffant later on, the Jailhouse Rock singer's lid was one of his most recognisable features.
Elvis Presley.Getty Images
Another singer that has experimented with different looks throughout the years is Simply The Best singer Tina Turner. One that firmly made the hair history books is the enormous hairstyle that she rocked during the 1980s. Just look at it! Here she is performing at Wembley Arena in London in June 1987.
Tina Turner in 1987.Getty Images