YouTube changes rules over strikes in the community guidelines

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YouTube has announced that they will change the way they give warnings and strikes to users.

"We know that most people don't mean to break the rules", the company said on an official blog, "so we're giving you a chance to understand what went wrong before you face more severe consequences."

The Community Guidelines are the rules YouTubers have to stick to when using the video-sharing site. Strikes are given to content producers when they are seen to have broken those rules. The rules apply to everyone, whether you get ten viewers or ten million viewers.

The company has always operated a three-strike policy, but these changes are the first to the strike system since 2010.

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So what are the rule changes?

The new rules mean that the content creators will get a warning and detailed information explaining the guidelines and how they broke them as well as YouTube removing their video. This is instead of getting a strike straight away under the old rules.

Creators can appeal for this warning to be removed but it disappears after 90 days anyway.

After this warning the strike system will start, all strike penalties will be the same no matter what type of content it is.

Strike 1: One week temporary freeze on uploading any content to YouTube.

Strike 2: Two week temporary freeze on uploading any content to YouTube.

Strike 3: If the account receives 3 Community Guidelines Strikes within a three-month period, it will be deleted by YouTube.

The first two strikes will last for three months because according to the video hosting website "We understand that users make mistakes and don't intend to violate our policies — that's why strikes don't last forever."

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When do the new YouTube rules start?

The changes will start on 25 February 2019.

Why has YouTube changed the rules?

YouTube have said that they have changed the rules to make it more consistent and easier for creators after receiving feedback from them.

These new rules wont affect the copyright strikes.

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