Oscars Quiz: Can you make it to the ceremony?

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  • Comment number 21. Posted by Tealbookworm

    3 Mar 2019 15:07
    I made it on the 3rd attempt😂
  • Comment number 20. Posted by RainbowRunningZebra

    3 Mar 2019 14:03
    well done you have got to the finish line now go back to bpfc
  • Comment number 19. Posted by RainbowRunningZebra

    2 Mar 2019 8:55
    I have always wanted to be on tv
  • Comment number 18. Posted by U17537685

    24 Feb 2019 13:11
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  • Comment number 17. Posted by U17537685

    24 Feb 2019 12:59
    You find your seat and wait for your cue to get on the stage. You're pretty nervous, but you think you can do this...

    There are tears. There are aching sides. You manage to get out some of your speech and present the award to the winner, but nobody was really listening - they're already sharing the hilarious video of you. At least your friends will believe you!

    You successfully presented the award, and now your belly is famous.

  • Comment number 16. Posted by UnicornGalaxyShimmer

    24 Feb 2019 12:56
    It took me three times yes I got there 😃
  • Comment number 15. Posted by Hope

    24 Feb 2019 12:41

    nope. It`s either: You missed the ceremony, Has a rumbling stomach, Tripped over, Too late, Yelling and shouting ( That`s all I know, sorry )
  • Comment number 14. Posted by Unicornbaby2008

    24 Feb 2019 8:51
    I missed out on the Oscars!!!Nooo!!!
  • Comment number 13. Posted by NifflersHufflepuff

    24 Feb 2019 7:06
    I'm not conviced that there is any way of doing this without any thing embarrassing happening.
  • Comment number 12. Posted by Bffe08

    23 Feb 2019 17:59
    on a question you would never make it this is so bad