What are you doing in the half term holidays?

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Leaving school for the holidays.Getty Images

For lots of you it's your half-term holidays and you've got a well earned week off school!

So what will you be doing with a whole week away from your desks? Do you have anything special planned? Will you be seeing friends or family? Or will you be having a rest at home?

But not all schools in the UK have the same timetable and there are a lot of you at school this week - if you are get in touch with your class and let us know what you think of being at school when other people are off; or let us know what you did with your half-term last week... or what you've got planned for when you are on a break.

Let us know what you're doing with your time off in comments below.


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  • Comment number 16. Posted by LiverpoolGuy

    21 Feb 2019 10:30
    Coping with a cold and probably doing God knows what.
  • Comment number 15. Posted by Shiny silver flute

    20 Feb 2019 12:21
    Thank you! 😊
  • Comment number 14. Posted by U17531520

    20 Feb 2019 12:19
    On Friday afternoon I went to Bournemouth and I went home on Wednesday morning.
  • Comment number 13. Posted by PotterHufflepuffPenguin

    20 Feb 2019 9:39
    I’m from England and we’re spending our week off in Edinburgh. It’s really cool.

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  • Comment number 12. Posted by galaxyflyingrocket

    19 Feb 2019 19:59
    Well I went shopping today and chilling.
  • Comment number 11. Posted by Unicorn22

    19 Feb 2019 18:35
    I’ve been mostly bored 😐
  • Comment number 10. Posted by U17530415

    19 Feb 2019 18:01
    i have no clue
  • Comment number 9. Posted by Hope

    19 Feb 2019 11:52
    @Shiny silver flute πŸŽ‚
    πŸŽˆπŸŽ‡πŸ“Ž Aww you`re so lucky. πŸ“ŽπŸŽ‡πŸŽˆ
  • Comment number 8. Posted by Shiny silver flute

    19 Feb 2019 11:16
    My birthday party's this Friday, and I'm really excited!
  • Comment number 7. Posted by U17521753

    19 Feb 2019 11:11
    I’m just relaxing
    I might be going to the cinema
    I am also going to be watching LOTS of cbbc!
    @U17243985 I feel sorry for you