Fifa 19: Cristiano Ronaldo removed from cover

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Kevin De Bruyne, Neymar and Paolo Dybala.EA Sports
The trio of Neymar, De Bruyne and Dybala also replace Ronaldo in the game's log-in screen

Fifa 19 has a new cover and Cristiano Ronaldo is not on it. He has been removed from the cover and in-game menus.

Ronaldo was the face of Fifa 19 since its release but five months after Fifa 19 came out, the game's maker EA Sports has given the game a new cover and updated the main menu screen - and the big news is that it does not feature Juventus striker Cristiano Ronaldo.

Fifa 19 with Ronaldo as the cover
Cristiano Ronaldo, Fifa 19 cover.EA SPORTS
Fifa 19 before the update without Ronaldo

Ronaldo has been the face of Fifa 19 since the game's release in September. He was the only person in the cover of the game and the log-in screen until his surprise removal.

Who has replaced him?
Neymar, Kevin De Bruyne and Paolo Dybala on the Fifa 19 cover.EA Sports
Fifa 19's new cover does not feature Cristiano Ronaldo

The game's makers EA have replaced Ronaldo with Manchester City's Kevin De Bruyne, Paris St. Germain's Neymar and Ronaldo's teammate at Juventus, Paolo Dybala.

US women's star Alex Morgan also appears in the in-game menus.

US Soccer star Alex Morgan on the Fifa menu screen.EA SPORTS
What have EA said?

EA have suggested that the refresh in the cover and in-game menus is linked to the Champions League . They said to Eurogamer: "With the Uefa Champions League knockout stages underway, we are featuring some of the biggest stars in football."