A medieval sword has been found in a sewer in Denmark

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Sword in a sewer.Nordjyllands Historiske Museum/Facebook

You've heard about the sword in the stone. Well, what about the sword in the sewer?

Engineers in Denmark have found a medieval sword, in a sewer, which dates all the way back to the 1300s.

Amazingly, the sword is in good condition and is still really sharp.

The sword in the sewer.Nordjyllands Historiske Museum/Facebook
The sword is now being cleaned so it can be put out on show in a Danish museum

The sword was found in a layer of waste in the sewer and no-one's really sure how it ended up there.

Archaeologists think the double-edged blade belonged to an elite warrior of the time.

That's because swords were really expensive in the middle ages and only the most elite fighters - like people born into the royal family - could afford to carry one.

The battle scars on the weapon suggest that it was used in at least three or four massive wars.

The sword is going to be on show at the Nordjyllands history museum in Aalborg, Denmark.

warrior in battleGetty Images
The sword would have been carried by someone with royal blood because swords were very expensive at the time


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