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Westminster Dog Show: Beautiful pets light up New York

One of the biggest dog shows in the USA has picked a winner - King. But just look at these cuties - it can't have been easy.
One of the biggest dog shows in the USA has picked a winner - but look at these cuties - it can't have been easy. This is King: he's a wire fox terrier and has won the Westminster Dog Show in New York. He's the 15th wire fox terrier to win the top prize. That’s the most of any breed.
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Is this a mop or a living thing? Well, it's kind of both! This is a komondorok running with its handler in the Working Dog Group. lt's also known as a Hungarian sheepdog. The Westminster Kennel Club Annual Dog Show has been running for 143 years.
A Komondorok runningGetty Images
It's hard work being a superstar pedigree! This Saint Bernard is having a bit of a power nap. Saint Bernards are a large working dog from the Italian and Swiss Alps. They were originally bred for snowy rescues by the Hospice of the Great Saint Bernard Pass - they got their first dogs of this breed in the 1600s.
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Say hello to Burns, a longhaired dachshund. Burns got a huge reaction from the crowd mainly because people thought a centuries-long run of bad luck would be broken! No dachshund has ever won the top dog prize, Best in Show.
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There's nothing some dogs love more than a good tickle under the chin. Carmen the Scottish terrier got a great cheer at the contest. This breed is the most popular US presidential pet and has won Best in Show eight times.
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Murphy the Skye terrier is seen here competing during the Terrier Group. Skye terriers are one of the most endangered breeds in the UK according to the Kennel Club. It is a hunting dog but prefers life indoors rather than outdoors - still likes a good exercise once it's fully grown though!
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This is a great dog with a great name! 'Quiche's Major League' is a Bouvier des Flandres - what a mouthful. Bouvier des Flandres dogs originally from the Flanders region of Belgium. They were originally used for general farm work including sheep herding and cart pulling. Nowadays they are also used as guard dogs and police dogs, as well as being kept as pets.
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