Crackerjack is back: Five kids' TV shows which made a comeback

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The Crackerjack presenters

You've probably never heard of Crackerjack, but trust us, it was massive quite a few years ago.

The show was on TV between 1955 and 1984. It was a comedy sketch programme in-front of a live audience of kids.

And now, for the first time in almost 35 years, it's going to get a re-boot.

Sam and Mark are going to host it and it'll run for 10 episodes on next year on the CBBC channel and on iPlayer.

It's being re-made along with some other retro BBC children's shows, including The Demon Headmaster.

And there've been plenty of other re-boots too...

Doctor Who with daleks
Doctor Who

If the Doctor travelled back in time to 1963 she'd be able to watch the very first Doctor Who on TV.

Back then, blue police boxes like her TARDIS would have been in towns and cities across the UK.

After the programme ended in 1989 it was over fifteen years before it was brought back to our screens.

Christopher Eccleston played the Doctor when it returned in 2005.

Danger MouseBBC / FremantleMedia
Danger mouse

TV wouldn't be the same without Danger Mouse and his trusty hamster pal Penfold.

It started in 1981 but returned after a break of more than 20 years with a makeover in 2015.

Pointless presenter Alexander Armstrong now voices the secret agent's character.

Good grief!

Noddy in his yellow car

Noddy has seen quite a few changes since first appearing on TV.

The show has been on the small screen in various forms since the 1950s.

Noddy's most recent look is a CGI animated show - he's also become a detective and his famous red and yellow car is now alive!

A couple dancing under lights saying Come Dancing
Strictly Come Dancing

Strictly Come Dancing waltzed back on to the small screen in 2004.

It's super popular today but was quite different when it was first on TV.

For a start it was called Come Dancing and the contestants weren't celebrities (imagine Strictly without Stacey Dooley or Dr Ranj).

The original ran on and off from 1949 for a whopping 50 years!

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Paddington was given a modern makeover for the movies.

It's not just TV shows which are given a re-boot. Some kids' classics make it on the big screen.

Paddington hasn't always looked so furry.

The marmalade loving bear used to be a 2D cartoon before he was re-vamped for the movies.

What do you think of these re-makes? Or are there any old programmes you'd like bringing back? Let us know in the comments below.


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    I love the Demon Headmaster!
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    This seems cool, I havent heard of some of them though