Disney's Aladdin: Check out the new trailer and songs

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WATCH: Check out the latest trailer

Disney have released a new trailer for the live-action remake of Aladdin, and it's certainly got people talking online - mainly about the Genie.

When the previous trailer was released, some people weren't keen on Will Smith in the role, which was played by Robin Williams in the original film.

But it seems many people are now coming round to the idea, after enjoying his comedy antics in the latest trailer.

We also get a blast of some of the film's most famous songs and a closer look at the beautiful world of Agrabah.

Aladdin and the Genie sit on the ground talkingWalt Disney Studios

The film is being released in UK cinemas on 24 May 2019.

Is the trailer not enough for you? Here's what we know about the film so far.

Early images of the character have shown the Genie - played by Will Smith - with a natural skin tone, unlike the original cartoon version.

But someone in the Disney offices must be a big fan of the colour blue because the more recent trailers show Smith's lamp-dwelling character has returned to his former blue glory!

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WATCH: Will Smith’s Genie is blue!


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  • Comment number 10. Posted by Hope

    13 Mar 2019 19:38
    I ` m G o i n g A l l T h e W a y Blueee! :)
  • Comment number 9. Posted by HolHolster

    13 Mar 2019 19:27
    It seems like Disney are releasing so many trailers for this movie! It better be good xD!
    I definitely prefer the blue genie, as it sticks to the traditional cartoon! :)
  • Comment number 8. Posted by UnicornSparkle

    13 Mar 2019 18:19
    wow im getting tikets for that!
  • Comment number 7. Posted by U17246681

    13 Mar 2019 17:15
    I’m calling my local cinema right now to hook me up with tickets
  • Comment number 6. Posted by Bffe08

    25 Feb 2019 17:37
    so exited!
  • Comment number 5. Posted by Supergirl Makayla123

    25 Feb 2019 9:21
    I going to be first in line to see that film
  • Comment number 4. Posted by U17537685

    24 Feb 2019 13:16
    This comment was removed because it broke the rules. Explain
  • Comment number 3. Posted by BeigeRunningBear

    20 Feb 2019 15:11
    Blue genie, but I can't believe anyone thought that Aladdin could be made without Robin Williams. No one can replace him.
  • Comment number 2. Posted by Shiny silver flute

    20 Feb 2019 12:08
    I said Blue Genie because.. the genie in the original movie is blue?
  • Comment number 1. Posted by galaxyspinningcat

    11 Feb 2019 17:25
    I am going to see it in ,May