Sala: Footballer has died after plane crash

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Emiliano Sala tribute imageGetty Images

Footballers and fans have been sharing their thoughts and prayers with the family of Emiliano Sala.

Police have now confirmed that the Nantes footballer died after his plane crashed into the English Channel.

He had been travelling to Cardiff City, the football club where he had just been signed.

Plane crashes like this are very rare - and many people are shocked that this has happened.

Lots of people have been sharing their thoughts and prayers with Sala's family.

Cardiff City with flowers surrounding stadium and statueGetty Images
Flowers and cards laid at Cardiff City football ground where Sala had just been signed

The Cardiff City footballer had been missing since 21 January.

After police had decided to stop the search, fans raised £260,000 to fund a private search for the player.

Sol Bamba tweeted condolences@Sol14Bamba / Twitter
Sol Bamba tweeted his condolences to Emiliano Sala
Sergio Aguero tweeting about Emiliano Sala@aguerosergiokun / Twitter
As did footballer Sergio Aguero

The Argentine striker, aged 28, was one of two people on board.

Cardiff signed Sala for a club record £15 million after the striker scored 13 league and cup goals for Nantes this season.

Players wearing t-shirts with Sala's face onGetty Images
Players at Sala's former club, FC Nantes, put on t-shirts with Sala's face as a tribute before their match against AS Saint Etienne.

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