New emojis 2019: Emojipedia have released new emojis

Last updated at 08:26
Otter, flamingo and guide dogEmojipedia
Find out which emojis have joined the list!

Emojipedia has announced the release of a load of new emojis - and there are some amazing new additions!

Otters, flamingos and sloths are all featured, but there is also a big focus on more diverse emojis to reflect users better.

These include wheelchair users, guide and service dogs and people doing sign language.

Take a look at the new emojis and let us know what you think in the comments!

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Emoji people holding handsEmojipedia
Emojipedia has introduced more diverse emojis and emoji couples.
People in manual wheelchairsEmojipedia
For the first time there will be emojis that show people in wheelchairs.
Service and guide dog emojiEmojipedia
They've also introduced guide and service dogs - look how cute they are!
Emoji people signingEmojipedia
There are now emojis that show they can sign...
Emoji ear with hearing aidEmojipedia
...and an emoji ear that has a hearing aid!
Sloth hanging from a branch and an otter with its paws clasped togetherEmojipedia
An adorable sloth and otter make some of the cutest additions to the new emoji list.
Orangutan and flamingoEmojipedia
An orangutan scratching its head and a bright pink flamingo might come in handy as well!
A Hindu temple and an auto rickshawEmojipedia
There's now an emoji for a traditional Hindu temple and one for an auto-rickshaw - which is like a tiny car with no doors!
Purple, green and gold emoji sariEmojipedia
There's now a pretty emoji sari!
Falafel balls and Mate drinkEmojipedia
Falafel - which are flavoured balls made out of chickpeas - and mate - a traditional South American caffeine drink - are the latest food to join Emojipedia.

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