It's snowing! We want photos of the snow where you live

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WATCH: Your snowy pictures from around the UK
Image of a child making a snow angelUGC
Euan's been making a snow angel`
Image of a child looking happy in the snowUGC
Max says he loves to have fun in the snow
Image of a child with a snowmanUGC
Brendon had lots of fun building this snowman
snowman with scarf round his neckUGC
This snowman clearly likes his football
2 cats watch snow out of windowNewsround UGC
Max and Sunny have made the smart decision to stay indoors!
Child making a snow angel
Will you be making snow angels like this?
A dog in snow
Darcey's been making the most the snow. We could do with her pink coat. Brrr!
small snowmen
The children from the Woodlea Junior School in Leyland made mini snow sculptures and sent the picture to us.
A cat in snow
It's a good job Marceline is a black cat otherwise her owners might have lost her in the snow!
A dog in snow
This is a rather chilly Gizmo in Stockport!
A dog in snow
Charlie's deciding what to do next in the snow. Make snow angels or eat it? Hmm, it's a tough one.
A girl in the snow
Is this Una or a unicorn enjoying the snow in Bristol?
Two boys with a snowman
Albert and Edgar have made a new friend. We love their Spidey hats!
Two dogs in snow
Lisa and Sweetie are loving the snow

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