Taylor Swift: First pictures on set of new movie

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Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift/ Instagram

Taylor Swift has posted the first pictures of her on set of the new Cats movie.

Swift's first picture was a selfie of her and her trailer door which confirmed that she will be playing the role of the glamorous feline Bombalurina in the musical adaptation.

News of the film came out in July 2018.

Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift/ Instagram

The singer then posted a video on social media saying "So I am on set for Cats and it is fully snowing," as she stood outside of her trailer in London.

The 29-year-old is part of a star-studded cast, including The Voice judge Jennifer Hudson and actor Idris Elba, who is known for playing Heimdall in the Avengers movies.

Tay Tay is a cat lover and is famous for posting pictures of her cute pets Meredith and Olivia so it's not surprising that she is very excited about her new role.