Spice Girls: Comic Relief T-shirts made by workers earning just 35p

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The Spice Girls have been the faces of the Comic Relief "equality for women" campaign.Comic Relief
The Spice Girls have been the faces of the Comic Relief "equality for women" campaign.

Spice Girls T-shirts on sale to raise money for Comic Relief's "equality for women" campaign have been made at a factory in Bangladesh by women earning just 35p an hour.

The T-shirts are being sold for £19.40 with £11.60 supposed to be going towards Comic Relief's "gender justice" campaign. Comic Relief haven't received any of the money yet.

The women in the factory are paid £82 a month for doing 54 hours of work a week. This is well below the amount of money people need to live in Bangladesh.

The campaign has been led by girl band, The Spice Girls, and has been supported by celebrities including Jessie J, Holly Willoughby and Sam Smith.

Comic Relief says it checked with the company it was getting the T-shirts from that workers were getting paid fairly. However, the company - called Represent - changed where clothes were being made without Comic Relief knowing.

Represent has accepted complete responsibility and has said it will refund customers if they ask.

The Spice Girls have said Represent should donate profits to "campaigns with the intention to end such injustices".

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