Snow: Send us your snowy pics

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A dog with a ball covered in snowGetty Images
This little Jackapoo is still managing to play in the snow in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Have you seen little flurries of snow falling from the sky today?

Well we certainly have at the Newsround base in Salford!

Snow and ice has caused some problems on roads.

But many of us have enjoyed seeing the blankets of snow falling.

Send us all your amazing snow pictures and videos by clicking this link.

Snowfall in Newcastle upon TyneGetty Images

The Met Office has issued a yellow "be aware" warning for today and tomorrow.

This is because it the cold weather has made roads and pavements quite icy.

If you've had some where you are, send us your snowy snaps!

Image of a house snow
Jake from Buxton sent this snowy scene into us.
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Watch - Demelza having fun in the snow

How much do you know about snow? Have a go at our quiz.

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