5 things we learn from the new Spider-Man trailer

Last updated at 17:57
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The first Spider-Man "Far From Home" trailer has dropped. But what do we learn from it?
1. Spider-Man is alive

Hooray Spider-Man is still alive! The trailer doesn't reveal how or when this was set though.

SpidermanMarvel Studios
2. Spider-Man is going on holiday to Europe

Peter Parker is trying to be an ordinary guy. He's travelling to Europe with a couple of friends, taking in the sights of London, Venice, and beyond. The trailer seems to suggest he's left the Spider-Man suit at home...

MJMarvel Studios
3. Are Peter Parker and Michelle dating??

The chemistry of Tom Holland and Zendaya is there for all to see in the trailer. Could they now be dating?

Nick FuryMarvel Studios
4. Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury is going to be EXTREMELY cool and Spider-Man has finally met him

Samuel L Jackson is his usual super cool self. He's playing the legendary character, Nick Fury. In the trailer, Spidey is called in by Nick Fury to help out against a little group known in the comics as the Elementals. We'll have to wait and see what they're all about.

MysterioMarvel Studios
5. Jake Gyllenhaal playing Mysterio is also INSANE

It's the first time we've seen Jake Gyllenhaal as the classic baddy Mysterio. But, the trailer seems to suggest that Mysterio is helping Spider-Man out in this film. It looks as though the real bad-guy in the film could be a character called Hydro-man. Yikes!