Brexit: Why is Brexit so important today?

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Brexit: What's going on?

Today is an important day in deciding the future direction of the country, as Members of Parliament (MPs) will have their last chance to vote on the Prime Minister's Brexit deal.

This is the agreement that Theresa May negotiated for the UK's exit from the European Union.

TMPs have been debating it for five days.

This vote was meant to happen before Christmas but it was delayed when the PM admitted it was likely she would lose because not enough MPs backed her deal.

She wanted more time to try and convince more MPs that they should support her.

Many MPs say they still don't though.

Theresa MayGetty Images
The Prime Minister is asking MPs to back her Brexit deal

If Mrs May's deal is approved, her plan for leaving the EU will go ahead.

If it's rejected, she will have three days to say what her plan then is.

There is also the possibility of a 'no deal' Brexit. This will happen automatically if Parliament cannot agree on a deal with the EU.

The Prime Minister will give a speech today saying that she thinks Parliament is more likely to block Brexit than let the UK leave without a deal.

Mrs May's agreement has already been approved by other EU leaders.

The UK is due to leave the EU on Friday 29 March.


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  • Comment number 3. Posted by U17450038

    16 Jan 2019 8:29
    I Wish Brexit never started is just to chaos
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    15 Jan 2019 17:02
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    14 Jan 2019 17:57
    Look at the mess our country is in. I wish the whole Brexit situation had never even been started. All it has led to is chaos!