Would you let bats hang out in your fridge?

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Would you let bats hang out in your fridge?

You might expect to find milk in your fridge... but what about bats?

Animal experts in Belarus, Eastern Europe are rescuing bats and letting them hang out in a special fridge to help them survive.

There are more than 1,100 species of bats around the world and they hibernate when in the cold months between winter and spring.

But the number of bats in the world is in on the decline.

Humans can sometimes accidentally wake bats up and if they are hibernating this can be dangerous for them.

The zoologists in Belarus rescue bats from the city, feed them if they are hungry, give them a little sleeping bag and let them hibernate in their fridge until Spring.

Bat expert Alyaksei Shpak said "It might sound funny but a fridge is the perfect place for a bat to hibernate.".

Hmmm... not one to try at home!