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In pictures: Amazing Buildings

Check out these incredible photographs from different buildings from the 12 finalists of a photography competition called the Art of Building.
This building is described as a ' different and strange construction' and was taken in Bijar, Iran.
An image of a man sitting reading with a number of different televisions on the wallJamshid Farajvand
This photo belongs to an ancient art ceiling in a carpet market in Iran and is called 'Hope Hole'
Image of a art ceilingRasol Bayati
This picture was taken at Westfield World Trade Centre in New York, USA. The photographer has called it 'Christmas in a fish skeleton'
Image of a ceiling that looks like a fishYi Cherne Juang
This is an image of a concrete tripod taken in Serbia. It is called 'Avela'
Image of a building that is a tripodDavid Meredith
Snapped in Utrecht in the Netherlands, this colourful building caught the eye of Hans Wichmann who took this photo.
Image of a green buildingHan Wichmann
This photo was taken by Beverly Jay in Canada and she called it 'Working overtime'
Image of building workers against teh sunBev Jay
The Umrah is an Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, performed by Muslims. Women change from their regular clothes to special white ones as part of the ritual.
Image of women in white outfits in a mosqueHossein Farahani
This picture was taken in Nuremberg, Germany - the eyes make this roof different and give an individual look to this house
image of a roof which is orange and the windows look like eyes Ana Tchankvetadze
This photograph is of stairs in a palace in Naples, Italy which create a unique and almost swan-shaped image.
image of stairsRoberto Conte
This is entitled 'Urban Mountain' and was taken in Baku, Azerbaijan
Image of a building that looks like a mountainHamed Younesi