Could these inventions improve the world?

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A hand drawn picture of a Tree RocketThe UK Domain

From a gun sucker inner to a tree rocket and an ocean organiser.

A group of kids here in the UK and Australia have been coming up with their own new inventions for making the world a better place.

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Kids think these inventions would improve the world

One of their ideas is a machine that can fix anything in just a minute.

Another is a gun 'hoover' which sucks up all the guns in the world and destroys them.

An illustrator has drawn them to help bring the designs to life.

So we want to know what you would invent to improve the world.

Maybe you'd like to save people time by being able to travel quicker.

Perhaps you'd like to help others by coming up with an invention to cure diseases.

Or how about designing something to help look after animals, people and the environment?

We want to know all about your ideas.

What they'd look like, what they'd do and how they'd improve the world. Send them to us here.

image of a watering can with weather on itBBC
This invention is a weather making watering can sent it by Caleb from Stoke on Trent.
Image of a do your hair machine
This is also from a pupil from year 3 who has invented a 'do your hair machine'
Image and writing about the love machine invention.
Children from St Augustine's Primary school , Burnley enjoyed a lesson on inventing things. This submission is called Love machine to make the world a better place.
Kids drawing of what he thinks is a global sea factory
Eleven year old Bruno from Weston-Super-Mere sent us in his invention of a global sea factory that lowers the sea level, stops plastic and metal pollution and recycles. He think this would help prevent plastic waste.

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