Bars of soap are making a comeback against plastic waste

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Bar of soap

Bars of soap are making a comeback in the UK.

Soap was once viewed as more likely to hold germs and dirt, leading to the popularity of bottled soap in the late 1990s.

But in the year to September 2018, supermarket shoppers spent £68.3million on soap bars - nearly £2 million more than the previous year.

The figures, from Kantar Worldpanel, show sales grew faster than liquid soaps and shower gel products over the same period.

Why? Well, analysts say families are ditching products which come in plastic bottles because of an increased awareness of pollution in the environment.

Do you think you should use soap over shower gel? Do you think gels should come with less plastic packaging? Let us know in the comments or emailing us at


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  • Comment number 3. Posted by U17451203

    12 Jan 2019 19:25
    We are trying to make eco-bricks with non-recyclable plastics as a family. We are going to try soap in the shower to save plastic. Have you got any other ideas to help us reduce our plastic waste?
  • Comment number 2. Posted by TheFandomGirl

    10 Jan 2019 19:40
    I know that it's probably more environmentally friendly to use a soap bar, but I prefer the liquid.
    I don't want to get other peoples germs or dirt on my hands, and what if it falls on the floor?
    I know that the liquid soap still has germs on the place where you push it but I would still use that over the bar.
  • Comment number 1. Posted by tram21

    10 Jan 2019 18:14
    Shower gel, it is easier and you can use it between people.

    First to comment!!!!