CES 2019: What new tech can we expect this year?

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One of the biggest and most important technology shows in the world has taken place in Las Vegas this week.

The Consumer Electronics Show - known as CES - started on Tuesday and finishes on Friday with over 180,000 people expected to visit.

At the show, companies are showing off some of their latest exciting gadgets. They've been getting together for this festival of fun doing so for over half a century.

Here's some bits of technology to look out for at this year's event and then let us know what techy invention you'd love to see in the comments below.

Bread Bot
The Bread Bot bakes 10 loafs an hour.Rory Cellan-Jones
The Bread Bot is a vending machine that bakes 10 loafs an hour

What do you get when you cross a vending machine and a loaf of bread? The bread bot, of course!

The bread bot is a bread-making machine that mixes, kneads, bakes and sells bread like a vending machine.

It bakes 10 loaves an hour and experts think it'll be at a shop near you sooner than you think.

Take that, GBBO!

Mookie's pet food dispenser recognises each pet.Mookie
Mookie's pet food dispenser recognises your pets and picks out their food for them

Smart speakers are all the rage these days.

You can switch on your lights with them and even control your music. At CES 2018 experts predicted that we'd soon be able to use smart speakers to flush our toilets.

CES 2019 promises to introduce even more smart speaker 'skills' like this including telling you where your pet or TV remote is hiding and controlling your piano.

If that's not enough, one company is releasing a pet food dispenser that recognizes each pet's face and then dispenses the correct food. No more separate bowls for your cats and dogs!

Lovot robotEPA
Lovot robots have sensors across their bodies so they can detect where the owners are hugging them

There are lots of new robots on show at the 2019 CES.

One company called 'Groove X' thinks it's invented the first robot with the ability to 'touch hearts'. It'll even give you a lovely warm hug.

And, if you like a selfie you'll love "Occo", the photo-taking model that interacts with people at events before getting them to pose for snaps.

Driverless car.Getty Images
Experts say 5G will bring us closer to a world of driverless cars

You've probably heard of, and even seen, the little 4G icon on your phone. It's the thing that connects your phone to the internet when you're out and about.

Well, move over 4G because 5G is coming to make everything that bit quicker.

The new speedier network is going to be available for the first time this year and big tech companies are expected to show it off at CES. Experts say 5G will bring us closer to a world of driverless cars.

What will be the big reveal?
videotapeGetty Images
A video cassette, first introduced at CES in 1977.

Did you know that the first ever VHS tape was unveiled at CES in 1977? (That's how millions of people used to watch films before DVD's...sorry, Netflix, came about).

We want to know what inventions you'd like to see. Flying cars perhaps? Or, a wearable smart tablet?

Or maybe even a robot that folds your clothes? Let us know in the comments section below.


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  • Comment number 3. Posted by Noah

    13 Jan 2019 17:26
    this tech is Sick (know what i mean?)
  • Comment number 2. Posted by Hope

    12 Jan 2019 16:47
    @Legend of Azarath
    that is creative :)

    They sound Amazing!!
  • Comment number 1. Posted by Legend of Azarath

    8 Jan 2019 19:52
    Maybe a teddy bear that responds to you like Alexa or Siri? You could say: "I wish I could fly" and it would say: You follow your dreams, [insert name here]!