Super blood Moon: What is it?

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Super Moon as seen from London.European Photopress Agency
This is a picture of the super Moon as seen from north London

An amazing super blood Moon happened last night.

It took place in the middle of the night, starting just after 2:30am, peaking from 4:40am for about an hour, and finishing at just after 7:45am.

It was visible from North and South America, as well as parts of western Europe (including the UK) and north Africa.

Those further east only saw a partial eclipse or couldn't see the event at all.

Some people were calling this event a super blood wolf Moon. The "wolf" part comes from the name given to full moons in January - "wolf moons".

It was the last total lunar eclipse to take place until May 2021.

What is a super blood Moon?

A blood Moon is another name given to a total lunar eclipse, which happens when the Earth moves in between the Sun and the Moon. Our planet casts its shadow on the Moon, blocking out the Sun's light.

Blood Moon as seen in Switzerland in July 2018.European Pressphoto Agency
This picture of a blood Moon was taken in Switzerland in July 2018

Because of the way light passes through the Earth's atmosphere during an eclipse, red light from the Sun is reflected onto it, which is what makes the Moon appear red - and give it the name "blood".

It is called a super blood Moon because the lunar eclipse taking place in January is going to be bigger and brighter than normal.

Graphic showing how blood Moon happens.

Here are a few more pictures.

Super blood wolf moonGetty Images
Picture taken from Mexico City in Mexico.
Saxon king Johann statueGetty Images
The super blood Moon seen behind the equestrian statue of the Saxon king Johann in Germany
Super blood MoonGetty Images
This picture was taken in France showing the super blood Moon during a lunar eclipse behind the statue named 'L'envol'
Super Blood MoonGetty Images
Here is a view from Cologne in France
This is how it looked form Brasilia in Brazil
And from Prague in the Czech Republic


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    epic blood moons
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    Ok Thanks
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    20 Jan 2019 17:46
    WoWoWoW I saw Earlier, It was Yellow but I can`t wait to see the real BLOOD MOON!
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    Thank you
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    Where can u see it
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    20 Jan 2019 10:07
    It wouldn't be a blood moon then, more like a honey moon
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    I'll try to see it if I can!
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    5 Jan 2019 12:37
    I really hope I`ll see it. it sounds awesome!

    I was on a car, on the M4 to Bristol and I saw a YELLOW blood moon!!

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    I hope I'll see it. I have never seen a super moon before. Though one night I saw a moon bigger and brighter than usual and I thought it was a harvest moon, but was the wrong date. So it might have been a super moon.