Homework : Should your school do it differently?

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A child doing maths homeworkPress Association

How would you feel if your school changed the way you do homework?

Maybe you don't get any but would like to.

Or you might think you get too much!

For some pupils at one primary in Devon they're trying something a bit different.

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What kind of homework would you prefer?

Instead of being given traditional written homework, including writing stories or answering questions, each night after school they now aim to read for 20 minutes and do mental arithmetic too.

Their headteacher hopes that, by reading more, the children will learn more words and that this will help with their learning.

They say there's research which shows that more reading and being good at times tables can help students do better in school.

But what do you think?

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  • Comment number 2. Posted by PurpleShimmeringCherry

    12 Feb 2019 7:27
    I think homework should be banned completely because it is just making a lot more learning for us to do. It also puts more stress on us because we are worried about doing well and pleasing our teachers! I think I would quite like the sound of doing reading and arithmetic because at school I do arithmetic and I do really well in it. I also like reading so I don't think that doing reading and arithmetic would be so bad!📊📖📚I don't think we should do written homework because it is very boring and it takes up a lot of time!
    I used up 600 characters!!😀

  • Comment number 1. Posted by happytrampoliningchocolatewaffle

    9 Jan 2019 15:32
    I think homework should be banned completely because you go to school to learn and then you have homework to do. It sometimes is stressful and hard because you have a time limit and have no teacher to help sometimes you can ask parents but they might not know the answer.