Baby seal found in a plant pot in Northumberland

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A seal in a plant pot.Northumbria Police

Things you might find on your doorstep are bottles of milk, a newspaper and... a baby seal!

Yes, you heard correctly! A young seal was found lying in a plant pot in Seaton Sluice in Northumberland, England.

It had travelled from the sea, across a car park, a busy road and into the owner's garden.

Northumbria police were called out to help and thankfully the pup was feeling fine, and just needed a drink before being reunited with its family.

Paul Moorhead, one of the police officers involved, said: "Policing Northumberland has many challenges, and the beauty of the area is these kind of jobs do come along every once in a while."

A seal.Northumbria Police
The pup was unhurt but was a bit thirsty before it was reunited with its family

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