Weird Christmas dinners

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Traditional Christmas dinner with turkey, roast potatoes and Brussels sprouts.Getty Images

Not every Christmas dinner is traditional - take a look at these Christmas dinners with an unusual twist.

1) Christmas dinner in a pasty!

Christmas dinner in a pastyMorrissons

Here's an entire "three-course Christmas dinner" inside a pasty!

The first third is the starter - there's pâté, apple chutney and melba toast. Next, in the middle, there's the main course turkey with stuffing, potato, pigs in blankets, cranberries and a sauce. And not forgetting dessert at the end of the pasty - a Christmas pudding. All that inside one pasty!

2) Deep-fried Christmas dinner

A Scottish fish and chip shop is offering an entire deep-fried Christmas dinner. Turkey, battered Brussels sprouts, carrots and parsnip fritters all served with a giant pig-in-a-blanket - a battered sausage - and a deep-fried mince pie to top it all off.

Deep fried Christmas dinnerPA

3) Christmas dinner on a pizza

Christmas dinner on a pizzaASDA

Some restaurants and supermarkets are selling a Christmas dinner pizza which comes topped with a load of festive trimmings like turkey, pigs in blankets and even cranberry sauce that you can drizzle over the whole delicious thing.

4) Christmas dinner in crisp flavours

CrispsGetty Images

You can get the flavours of a Christmas dinner with a variety of crisps. Lots of shops and crisp makers have got special Christmas themed flavours. Brussels sprouts, pigs in blankets and turkey with sage and onion are some of the flavours which means you could put together a Christmas dinner just using crisps! Hmmm, that doesn't sound very healthy.

5) Christmas dinner for the pets

Dog and catGetty Images

You'll most likely want your pets to be involved in the festive fun but there are lots of Christmas dinner foods that your pets should NOT be eating and could make them ill. But don't worry because there are Christmas dinners for pets too like specially made dog food with turkey, parsnips and cranberries which means they can have a festive dinner too.

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