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Kids tell us their favourite place at remote island school

Children who live and go to school on the remote Scottish island of Muck told Newsround about their favourite places.
Kitty's favourite place is around the polytunnel. This is where the class learn how fruits and vegetables grow.
A picture of a polytunnel on Muck.
Jasper loves to go up into the trees to have lessons in forest school.
A boy with his arms spread wide sitting on the grass.
Charlie and Daniel think the Willow Well is the best place, which is like a den made out of willow branches. They use it as a base to play games.
Two boys stand in a den made out of willow branches.
Willow's favourite place is the art room, as she wants to be a model-making artist when she's older.
A girl sits next to art equipment.
Keighla loves playing on the swings outside. You can see the cows walking past the school in the background.
A girl playing on swings.