Strangers donate toys to boy who lost home in California wildfires

Last updated at 06:34
Riley in a dinosaur collection

Strangers are donating toy dinosaurs to help a young boy who got caught up in the recent wildfires in California, USA.

Four-year-old Riley and his family had to leave their home and belongings when wildfires started in the area he lived.

They're safe now, living with relatives, but Riley wasn't able to save his treasured dinosaur collection.

His great aunt told her friends what had happened and how brave he'd been, and suggested that if people wanted to help they could give a dinosaur to help start a new collection.

Dinosaurs that have been donated
Riley with some of the toy dinosaurs people have given him

The word quickly spread and now dinosaur toys and gifts are arriving in the post all the time.

He's getting so many that he has even put some aside to give to other children who need them.

Riley is still getting used to his new life and misses what he's had to leave behind but he is busy with his amazing new dinosaur collection.


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  • Comment number 4. Posted by happytrampoliningchocolatewaffle

    4 Dec 2018 18:27
    So nice . 4/5
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    4 Dec 2018 18:18
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    4 Dec 2018 18:16
    Really inspiring and sweet
  • Comment number 1. Posted by U17316592

    4 Dec 2018 18:12
    Aw, great story. Keep strong all you people who have suffered from wildfires, I support you all the way♥️
    🍒🌸😻 cherryblossom_catlover😻🌸🍒