What's been your elf's best trick?

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Christmas elves: What has your elf been up to?

It's Christmas! Which means the elves are back and they've been creating fun and mayhem in homes across the country.

We love to know how much trouble they've been causing - so let us know in the comments what your elf's best trick has been!

Whether they've been hanging off the shelf, hiding in the cupboard or snoozing in the dog's basket!

You can send us your elf pics, too! If you're struggling for inspiration then have a look at these from last year.

To send us pictures of our elves, email newsround@bbc.co.uk

Remember we want pictures of just elves and we need your name but there's also some other things to bear in mind before you send stuff to us.

Your elf photos
Elves having a snowball fightAlgfie
Alfie's elves have been having a snowball fight on the stairs - wonder who is going to clean that up?
Elf sunbathingNiamh
Niamh's naughty elf Peppermint has been sunbathing under the fireplace!
Elves eating dog cookiesJessica
Jessica's elves Holly & Jolly ate the dog cookies thinking they were normal cookies
Elves doing homeworkKyas
Kyas's elves Buddy, Charlie and Jamal are doing homework!
Elf cookingJoe
Joe's elf Buddy has been cooking up a storm making breakfast! Nice eggs, Buddy.
Elf on Christmas treeWillow
Buddy is Willow's Elf and this morning, Buddy was found climbing up on the Christmas decorations. "He's a sneaky little fella!"
Liam's elf Snowy has made a sleigh and left a mess on the floor. Bad elf but great sleigh!
Daniel, Hollie and Joshua trying to be the Beatles but aren't quite there with the equipment.
David, 10, says his elves are seriously misbehaving.
Elf fishingImogen
Imogen's elf has been fishing.
Holly's elves Fred & Snowflake were watching Newsround!
Elves on a motorbikeSofia & Gareth
Sofia & Gareth from Derbyshire sent this snap of their Elves "being naughty when we were away".
Junipers Class 4 from Peterborough sent us this one - it's their class elf. They told us he was messing around on his unicorn at the weekend and fell off! "He has hurt his leg and his arm and has been told by Santa to rest. Detective Inspector Sneezy is investigating whilst the unicorn is now in jail! However, was it really an accident? Did someone spook the unicorn?"
Daniel, 11, in Bolton sent this one in. "My elves were being rather naughty wasting all my bread on toast to keep warm."
Rory and Iona in Aberdeen's elf, Jones, is on a balloon ride!
Chaima from Tunisia sent us her elf - she says awful Alfie has been scribbling on her home work!
Elf on a shelf
Natalie sent us these pictures of Chip the elf, who keeps getting caught having snacks
fruit with elf
Hang on, though - are these healthy snacks coming alive?!
Oscar and Amelia sent us this picture of their new elves Doubledecker and Popster, who tied up Cackles, Butterfly and Doodles, their our old elves, on their first night in the house. They also persuaded the toy soldiers to guard them..... don't worry they're all friends now!
Isabelle (6) and Ewan (9) look after these elves - their names are Jingle, Sugerplum and Zippy. They look like they're on a massive zip wire - be careful elves!
elves reading
These elves don't look naughty at all - they're enjoying a lovely elfy story!
elf on the thermostat
This elf has climbed up onto the thermostat! That won't keep you warm, but you might get a good view!
These naughty elves - they get everywhere!

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