Five eco-alternatives to buying new presents this Christmas

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What about getting creative with some of your Christmas presents this year?

One of the things that many of us look forward to at Christmas is giving and receiving presents.

There has been a lot of conversation about the impact that the amount of buying and selling that we do has on the planet.

For example, the amount of clothes that we buy and get rid of can have a damaging effect on the environment.

Not only that, but it is also expensive to buy so many gifts.

So here are five fun alternatives to buying brand new presents this Christmas, which could be a lot of fun too.

1. Memories

Presents don't have to be something that you can hold onto. You could give someone a memory that will last forever!

Maybe you arrange to take your friend to a special place that they love. Or what about getting tickets to something fun, or a membership to a club or society for someone?

You could get creative and host a movie night at your house or organise a treasure hunt with treats in your local park.

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You could organise a fun event for you and your friends

Speak to an adult that knows the person you're getting the present for, as they might be able to help you to come up some ideas for a memory you can make with them.

2. New, but not new!

We all have things that end up getting dirty or broken, and sometimes it can be tempting to throw them away. But what if we fixed them, cleaned them and gave them a new lease of life?

Does someone in your family have something that they love that you know is broken or dirty, which you could organise to be fixed or cleaned?

For example, maybe someone you know has special piece of jewellery which they might like making as good as new. You could even put it in a nice box.

Speak to an adult about your idea though, as you don't want to take something that doesn't need any work doing to it - or, worse still, make them think they've actually lost it!

3. Get crafty

We know that lots of you like arts and crafts, so have you thought about making a present for someone?

This could be drawing or painting a picture for them (an adult can help you to put it in a frame) or maybe even baking a special cake. (Who doesn't love a cake?!)

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What about baking or cooking a present for someone? Remember to ask an adult to help you

You could make a special friendship bracelet or maybe craft a house or tree decoration.

An adult can help you to source the materials you need to make your gift.

4. Time

With school and homework and everything else we have going on, giving your time can be a very valuable gift to give to someone.

Maybe you have a relative who would appreciate a visit every two weeks, so you could make them a promise of a fortnightly visit.

Or could someone in your family use your help in the garden? You could promise them one hour of weeding every weekend that you're at home, or you could offer to help make breakfast every other weekend.

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Perhaps you hate gardening! But a family member would love to have your help?

Once you've decided what time you want to give, you could make special, personalised vouchers. Then, put the homemade voucher(s) in a Christmas card. Job done!

5. Second hand

If you do want to buy someone a present, a really good idea might be to buy something second hand.

There are loads of places where you can do this - for example, charity shops, car boot sales or local markets.

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You can pick up some real bargains at second hand markets

Go along with an adult and see what you can find - there are some real bargains to be had!

And it's much better for the environment if things are used again rather than bought new every time.

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