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Ever wondered what the Earth looks like from space?

Don't astronauts have the best views? These photos are from aerial photography project called Daily Overview, which posts incredible pictures from satellites and planes every day.
AIRCRAFT BONEYARD - Ever think you'd see this many planes in the desert? Well, you have now! The Southern California logistics airport in Victorville contains an aircraft boneyard with more than 150 retired planes. Due to the demand for jumbo jets having dropped significantly in the past two decades, many large aircrafts have been retired.
Photo of The Southern California Logistics airport in VictorvilleDaily Overview/Nearmap
DUTCH TULIPS - Check out the amazingly colourful tulip fields in Lisse in the Netherlands. The flowers begin to bloom in March and peak by late April. The Dutch produce a total of 4.32 billion tulip bulbs each year. Wow, that's a LOT of tulips!
Aerial photo of tulip fieldsDaily Overview/DigitalGlobe, a Maxar Company
EIXAMPLE, BARCELONA - Does this photo make your eyes feel funny? These tiny squares are the Eixample district in Barcelona, Spain, is known for its strict grid pattern and apartments with communal courtyards. This thoughtful and visionary design was the work of Ildefons Cerdà. His plan features broad streets that widen at octagonal crossroads to create greater visibility with increased sunlight, better ventilation, and more space for short-term parking.
Aerial photo of BarcelonaDaily Overview/DigitalGlobe, a Maxar Company
SOLAR CONCENTRATO - This stunning photograph is of the Gemasolar Solar Concentrator in Seville, Spain. It contains 2,650 mirrors that focus the sun’s thermal energy to generate electricity. Pretty cool!
Aerial photo of Gemasolar Solar Concentrator in Seville, SpainDaily Overview/DigitalGlobe, a Maxar Company
MOUNT WHALEBACK IRON ORE MINE- Here's what the Mount Whaleback Iron Ore Mine in Western Australia looks like from above. Roughly 98% of the world’s mined iron ore is used to make steel and is significant in the construction of buildings, cars, and appliances such as refrigerators.
aerial photo of The Mount Whaleback Iron Ore MineDaily Overview/DigitalGlobe, a Maxar Company
PARIS - Check out the distinct streets of Paris. It was designed by a man named Georges-Eugène Haussmann, between 1853 and 1870 which included the demolition of crowded and unhealthy medieval neighbourhoods, and the building of broad, diagonal avenues, parks, sewers, fountains, and aqueducts.
aerial photo of ParisDaily Overview/DigitalGlobe, a Maxar Company
PEMBROKESHIRE - How many fields can you count in this picture of Pembrokeshire, a county in the south-west of Wales?
aerial photo of PembrokeshireDaily Overview/DigitalGlobe, a Maxar Company
PERTH WAVES - Check out the beautiful patterns in the water in this photo! It shows the views from above of Perth in Australia which is world-famous for beaches of beautiful white sand and clear blue water. When seen from the skies, we can also discover the currents and swirls that are created here when the waves hit offshore reefs.
aerial photo of waves in PerthDaily Overview/Nearmap
SINGAPORE TANKERS - Look how tiny these cargo ships and tankers look! They are waiting outside the Port of Singapore, which is the world’s second-busiest port, shipping a fifth of the world’s cargo containers and half of the world’s annual supply of crude oil.
aerial photo of cargo ships and tankers outside port of singaporeDaily Overview/DigitalGlobe, a Maxar Company
SPANISH GREEHOUSES. Wow, that's a lot of greenhouses. The structures in Almería, Spain cover more than 75 square miles. The use of plastic covering, known as ‘plasticulture’, is designed to help produce more food and shorten growth time. For a sense of scale, this overview shows roughly six square miles!
aerial photo of spanish greenhousesDaily Overview/DigitalGlobe, a Maxar Company