Who are the highest paid footballers in the world?

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With the news that Raheem Sterling will be paid up to a mammoth £300,000 a week after extending his contract with Manchester City, we wanted to know who are the world's highest paid footballers.

Raheem Sterling will be celebrating this week after signing a contract that will see him being paid up to £300,000 a week.

The 23-year old forward has agreed to another three years with Manchester City, securing his spot there until 2023.

His pay increase has now boosted him even further up the ranks of the best paid footballers in the world!

Sterling appeared delighted with the signing, commenting "I felt from the minute I got here it was the right choice for me. It's paid off and I'm really grateful."

This news got the Newsround team wondering about which players are paid the most by their clubs?

Check out the list below!

5. Paul Pogba
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4. Gareth Bale
Gareth BaleGetty Images
3. Neymar
NeymarGetty Images
2. Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano RonaldoGetty Images
1. Lionel Messi
Lionel MessiGetty Images

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